Our people

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman – Managing Director

On the 1st February 2017 Caroline was promoted to Managing Director of Simplyhealth Professionals. 

Caroline joined Simplyhealth Professionals in May 2013 as Pet Health Plans Manager and was promoted to the Head of Vets in April 2015. Prior to joining the company and the Vets team Caroline spent 15 years working in the human health industry in both Customer Services and Sales business areas at Simplyhealth. As Head of Vets Caroline was responsible for delivering the strategic plan, expanding our presence and brand in the growing market and consolidating and growing our three pet businesses – Pet Health Plans, Practice Plan for Vets and Animal Health Care.

henry clover

Dr Henry Clover – Chief Dental Officer

Henry is a former general dental practitioner who converted his own practice to private practice in 1993.  With his experience as a member dentist, he joined the Professional Support Services department on a part-time basis in 1998 and full-time in 1999, with responsibility for professional support and member services. Henry is now Simplyhealth Professionals Chief Dental Officer, overseeing dental advice to the whole company and links with professional bodies as well as being a member of the Simplyhealth Professionals Leadership Team, supporting our continuing ethos of – ‘By Dentists, for Dentists’.

sandy brown

Sandy Brown – Director of Dentists

Sandy joined Denplan in 1992 as a Denplan Care Consultant for Scotland, N Ireland and the North of England. Sandy's entire career with us has been sales and customer service focused. In 2001 Sandy became the Director of Denplan Sales, and in 2005 he was appointed Director of Marketing and Sales, overseeing both divisions.

richard ward

Richard Ward – Director of New Professional Propositions 

Richard joined the company in 2011 as Head of Marketing. Richard has worked in marketing for over 20 years and has extensive agency experience, specialising in branding, retail, financial and professional services marketing, as well as TV, digital and direct marketing. Richard is responsible for ensuring that member dentists see the clear value that we offer and have the very best support to help them maintain control of their businesses and grow their practice profitability.

Matthew Jay - Director of Business Change

Matthew Jay - Director of Business Change

Matthew joined Simplyhealth Professionals in November 2017 as Director of Business Change. Matthew has worked in technology, business change, intellectual property and innovation roles for nearly 30 years, and has extensive transformation experience in education, media and manufacturing sectors. Matthew is responsible for delivering Simplyhealth Professionals’ transformation portfolio to ensure clear value for our customers.

Chantelle Bradwood

Chantelle Brandwood - Director of Professional Partnerships

Chantelle joined Simplyhealth Professionals in November 2014 as Head of Partnerships in our Veterinary business and moved into a cross business role support both our Vets and Dentists as Director of Professional Partnerships in September 2017. Chantelle has worked with strategic corporate partners for over 10 years and is responsible for delivering growth and support to our Customers and Industry partners, at both Practice and Group level.

Sally Clarke

Sally Clarke - Director of Vets

Sally is an experienced operations and service professional with over 20 years’ commercial experience within both the human health and pet health market. As Director of Vets, Sally is responsible for delivering the strategic plan for the Vets business across Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, expanding our brand presence in the growing market and ensuring that we deliver on our value propositions for our member vet practices, pet owners and corporate partners. 

Sara Hopkins

Sara Hopkins - Director of IT

Sara joined Simplyhealth Professionals as the Software Testing Supervisor in 2004. After then taking on the role of the Head of IT Operations, Sara was promoted to the role of Director of IT.

Sara is responsible for supplying the technical resources, skills and capabilities to deliver strategic business change for the organisation, whilst delivering the best possible operational support to all of our lines of business.